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Evgenia Leshchinskaia –
Integral Sound Healing Practitioner
Usui Reiki Master, Oracle/Tarot Energy Reader

Evgenia is certified Integral Sound Healing practitioner from Sound Healing Academy from UK, Usui Reiki master, certified Yoga Alliance yoga teacher and meditation instructor, performer and composer. With her passion in music, natural healing skills and compassion she is helping clients to reduce anxiety and stress, to stimulate our own healing potential, to awaken senses and to feel more positive and uplifted.  

      Her sessions are focused on helping each client uniquely. In addition to healing through the sound bath, Evgenia combines various modalities in her work including Reiki energy giving, Crystal healing, various Oracle and Tarot energy readings, Chakra tuning techniques with tuning forks. She put her experience as songwriter and multi-instrumental player into a multi-layered sonic journey that transports sound bathers to a deeply relaxing place. The focus of Evgenia’s work is for your highest good and support.

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Matalyn H.







    A few months ago I was diagnosed with having a 4cm by 3cm tumor on my left ovary. I was terrified and nervous about surgery and whatever else could happen. By chance, I met Evgenia who told me about her sound healing and reiki practice. I had heard that these methods have been used to shrink tumors, and I figured why not give it a chance.

   Upon reaching my sacral chakra, Evgenia immediately detected a black/dark energy radiating from that side of my pelvis. She hovered her hands over that spot, and sent light energy into it. The entire sound bath was rejuvenating and centering, like a weight had been taken off of my chest. I didn't think much else about it.

  A few weeks after my session with her, I was scheduled to have my tumor remeasured and for my surgery to be scheduled. The sonogram technician couldn't believe what she was seeing, there was no tumor anymore. My doctor reviewed the images and made it official that I am tumor free and that I no longer need surgery.

I am incredibly grateful to Evgenia, and the gifts bestowed to her, and the fact that she's able to share it with others. I know this all sounds incredulous, but I am now also a firm believer that these miracles are in fact possible."

    Tarot pulls with Zhenja. I started in 2019 doing reading with Zhenja. My first reading, I was single and living on my own and she pulled a card that I would meet my true love, 2 weeks later I did and 3 years later we are still together. In 2020 we did a yearly pull this one stuck with me through a very depressing year of life but continued to be so accurate through the weeks of travel, the growth of my finances, unexpected opportunities that was through my boyfriends boss, all the way down to months of taking time for myself, and growth in spirituality and practice of meditation. Zhenja has a true magic in her pulls, she is told what needs to be known. I suggest that you use Zhenja as a healing guide in your life like I have, she has surprised me time and time again with how accurate my pulls are.

   Sound Healing Sanctuary was a true blessing that I got to experience with Zhenja. She understands sound from such a strong background of being a musician and artist. I did numerous sessions with her outside on a nature and inside. She brought me to meditation all experiences that I never thought were possible. Zhenja showed me a deeper level of music to frequencies. I have woken from these sessions with a cleaned body, a fresh feeling, a reason to lay down on my mat and experience and practice more meditation on my own. She truly has a talent and makes you feel so comfortable, positive and protected in these sessions.

    The first Tarot reading I ever had. And I had no idea it would definitely work out…

    When I came to Atlanta from Germany for my internship, I met Evgenia. I've never met anyone this spiritual and positive before! She just made the whole house so lively and warm, that I never felt alone or homesick.
She is one of the loveliest and most giving person I have ever known in my life. With her positive energy, you can’t help but be happy around her.

    After a couple of spiritual rituals we had, I was ready to have my first Tarot reading. The general one, which shows you the past, present, and future. I have to say I was skeptical at first. Jane read about my past, that I was going on a big adventure. I was, because I just came to the USA for my internship. First I thought - so what… everyone traveled some time… What I was really unsure about was my future. Jane saw that I would have money issues. I was positive that this can’t be true. I started at a great company and was getting paid bi-weekly. But what are the odds… the company had onboarding issues and I received my paycheck way later than I thought I would. Far from home, and not taking in account such a delay, I actually was low on money. Again, the future prediction was correct!

   What surprised me the most was that in my present she saw a guy with a horse. Basically this was supposed to be my prince riding to me. Back then, I knew this couldn’t be true, because I was not looking for a relationship, leaving my hometown for a short period of time. Funny thing… I met my current boyfriend a couple of days after this reading, and guess what… we are still together, 2.5 years later.

  Retrospectively, it’s crazy how accurate this reading was and I am so grateful to have experienced my first Tarot reading with Evgenia!

    Evgenia’s sound healing sessions are amazing! They have the effect of being both relaxing & energizing. After our sessions I feel a peaceful calm & a deep sense of well-being.


  She also shares helpful balancing practices to do during the week in-between our healing treatments. These help sustain the positive feelings so I experience all-day energy & peace of mind each day.


   She also provides incitefull answers to my questions & personalized guidance for my unique circumstances. I highly recommend working with Evgenia. She’s an extremely gifted energy healing practitioner!

Individual & Group Integral Sound Healing Sessions

Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls
Tuning Forks
Shamanic Drumming
Vocal Toning & Mantras
Yoga of Sound,
Healing Concerts and Workshops  

Tea ceremonies
Reiki healing
Space Clearing

Music Lessons
Music Arranging
Recording and Composition

Toning meditation

Tarot and Oracle guidance


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Benefits of sound healing therapies and what to expect


Energy and sound healing are therapies that are done to promote healing of the etheric or energetic body that exists in all of us. This energetic body exists simultaneously with our physical body, with each having a direct effect on the other. Therefore, energy healing therapies can be very helpful at a mental, physical, as well as  spiritual level. 

       Some of the benefits of energy healing therapies include but are not limited to:

  • Relief of stress and anxiety by balancing the mind, body, and spirit

  • Detecting and removing energy blockages which may be the cause of physical, mental, and emotional stress

  • Balancing the body’s Chakras for a harmonious flow of energy

  • Complimenting medical healing therapies or rehabilitation

  • Strengthening one’s connection to the  higher self and the Divine

  • Emotional and physical pain relief 

  • Aiding in decision making and being at peace with oneself

  • An increase in self awareness as well as  intuition


Healing Chakra Affirmations

7 days to greater inner  peace & outer radiance

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